Basic Strategies for 7-Card Stud Game

Basic Strategies for 7-Card Stud Game
Poker is one of the best and most played card game in history. It has been around in different casinos around the world and now it is available online. Varieties of poker like the Texas Holdem, Omaha and 7-card stud are the new craze for most poker players. In this article, we will learn the basic strategies in playing one the oldest poker games, dating before the advent of the Texas Holdem, 7-card stud.

Game Play in 7-Card Stud
I am not a very big fan of card games but what interests me most is the game of poker. This variety of card game is filled with surprises and is a battle of wits. Seven-card stud is a poker game played with two to eight players. Each player has a starting hand of two cards face down and one face up. The player with the lowest-ranking hand is the first one to start with a forced bet. The player can begin at the lowest bet or a completed bet. Betting rounds move in a clockwise manner so betting starts from the left of the forced in, and from the highest ranked hand showing in subsequent rounds. Betting will consecutively go to the left. If in case two players have the lowest card, the suits have a rank order that will determine who is lowest. In cases of two players with the highest ranking hand, the one with the highest card of the highest suit will go first.
After the first round of betting, the next card will be dealt facing up, then the second betting will commence. The first player with the best hands will start the bet or he can check to the limit of the game. Betting will continue until the fifth betting round, and the last card is dealt face down. Then a showdown will be carried out if needed. In summary, the 7-card stud will consists of two cards down, four faced up and last card down. In the showdown, each player will show their best five cards and those with the highest ranking hand will win the pot.

Studying the Cards
Because the game of seven-card stud can be played with eight players, there is a great possibility that all 52 cards in the deck will be exhausted. If players have folded earlier in the game, their cards will not be used again for dealing to complete the game. But if there is not enough to complete the deal, a community card will be laid on the table and will be treated as the seventh card. That’s why many stud poker players study the upward cards dealt so they can make specific strategies and make assumptions, for instance, folded cards will never appear in the other opponent’s hand.

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