Texas Hold’Em Phenomenon

Texas Hold’Em Phenomenon

Texas Hold’Em started in the US around 1969 when a group of Texan gamblers brought the game to Las Vegas. Soon enough, it gained slow and steady popularity as it became a major event in the World Series of Poker. More and more casinos also adopted the game as their major event. It gained popularity on the connotation that it is a thinking man’s game. The main difference of Texas hold‘em poker from draw poker is that you get to bet four times. This is double the chance you get compared to playing draw poker. This means you need to use more of your skill and strategy to be able to win that pot.

Texas Hold’Em Popularity Boom

Through twenty years, the popularity of Texas Hold’Em has been steadily rising. But the most noticeable boom started around the start 21st century where media exposure about this game also increased significantly. The movie, “Rounders”, starting Edward Norton and Matt Damon, gave its audience an interesting and romantic view of this game. The popularized version is the no-limit variation. Late night poker shows and poker sites advertisements also came about this time and further increased the curiosity of gamblers. In 2003 World Series of Poker, the surprising victory of an amateur online poker player, Chris Moneymaker, increased the interest of people in online poker significantly.

Playing Texas Hold’Em Online

The success of Moneymaker gave the people an impression that anyone, even amateurs and novice, can win the World Championship, if you train online. The following year, another internet player won the World Series of Poker Championships which got the world all the more excited about playing online. The entrants in the following year, 2005, increased seven-fold! Though this time, a semi-professional player won the $7,500 pot, the interest of the world in online poker never decreased since then. Every year, more and more entrants join the World Series of Poker and up to now, it has been a very successful event annually.

Online Poker Today

There is an increasing question as to whether playing poker online is gaming or gambling. Hit the search button of your Google and you see that poker URLs are classified as gambling URLs and as some sites prohibit gambling URLs, these ads in Google sometimes get very little revenue. The issue also that every month a new poker site opens up and that many poker sites are unregulated by law may give us the impression that it really is gambling. Well actually, it really depends on the player’s skill. If the player is a professional, then it’s gaming similar to a billiards or chess player who needs to win by employing different strategies. Some player though, even when using play money, has tons of fun just playing the game and socializing. So, in the end, it all depends on the player’s intentions and level of skill, in the end, poker is just a fun and cool game!

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