Texas Hold’Em Rules

Texas Hold’Em Rules

Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular variations of poker played in many Casinos.  Texas Hold’Em Poker like other types of poker does not really adhere to a strict fixed set of rules.  Nevertheless, there are basic set of rules applied for Texas Hold’Em Poker.  Here are some of those basic rules:

The Dealer, Betting Structure and Players

The dealer shuffles a standard deck of cards minus the joker.  Number of players can vary from two to twenty depending on the type of game.  Ideally, about four or five is okay.  Each player is given two cards face down.  These cards are called pocket cards and should not be exposed unless a showdown requires its exposure.  A round of betting begins when the player at the left of the dealer posts a small blind.  This is usually the half of the minimum bet.  Then the player on his right posts a big blind which is the full minimum amount of the predetermined bet.  There are basically two rounds of betting and these are called the pre-flop and the flop.

Call, Raise or Fold

Like other types of poker, a player can call, raise the bet or fold.  Calling means to match or increase the bet.  Folding means to give up the player’s claim to the pot.  Raising means to increase the amount of bet required to stay in the game.  After a betting round, the dealer burns a card or discards the card on the top of the deck to prevent cheating.  After every round of betting, the dealer burns a card.  The dealer then flips up three more community cards in addition to the two community cards.  Community cards are there for you to combine it with you pocket cards.  The pot increases in amount with every betting round until no one else can call the bet or all the players have folded.  In this case, the player left is the winner and takes home the pot money.

If There’s a Tie?

In case there are two players left, a showdown is done.  Remember when I said that the pocket cards should never be revealed?  Well, in case of a tie or when there are two players left, they are required to show their pocket cards and combine it with the community cards at the table.  Then whoever has the better set of cards win the pot.  In case that both their set of cards is of equal value, they split the pot money between them.  No sixth card can ever be used as a tie breaker.

Sounds easy huh?  Well this article only discusses the gist of the game.  Texas Hold’Em is a relatively complex game.  It also has a number of varieties, so it is best to do further readings and to practice on simple games for you to understand this game more and more.

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